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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ahmad and the map....

One sunny day...
Madam Z is teaching the class of geography.

During her lesson,
the student was given a task to complete in a group of discussions.

however, most of them slept.
So, she began to asked for their opinion.

Suddenly, a student asked her...
"teacher, what is the capital city of london?"


five minutes later....the class was fulled with noisy and talkative sounds.

Confidently, the teacher said
"quiet now, class. Ahmad, i guess the capital city of London should be United kingdom."

Ahmad asked again....
"One more question madam, how many continents are they in the world?"

"it's five of them"

Ahmad replied
"but, some founders and philosophers said they are six continents which are merely existed in this world. so, which one is true."

Final answer, the teacher said...
"then make it six(more is better,less is risky)"

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