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Monday, January 16, 2012

Voices from the seaside

           Once upon a time, there lived  a boy who always went to fishing before dawn. He lived with his old grandmother. Probably, she was 90's.Since they lived far from town,it's very hard to buy sold-things like groceries.Unlike the town people, they were blessed with a beautiful scenery which located nearby the shore of Halutaman(A places which less than 200 population,once called as cowboy town).
Arta, the boy sometimes dreamed of finding a job in the town but guiltiness towards his granny made him to stop do so.
One day, while sitting on their veranda and having a hot coffee with fried banana(or known as Kuih Pisang), Arta     
came with a decision to voice out his wished.
"Grandma, it must be fun to have a television,right?"

"And a car too".

His grandma didn't replied back. Arta tried to make his grandmother understand about his feeling to be a successful person like the town people.

"Grandma,what if i go there?"

"where to?",his grandmother seems know about what Arta wanted to said but she pretended not know.

"Grandma, i want to find job"."can't i?", he said in low voices. 

His grandmother understand his feeling very well but she simply cannot let him go there alone.She was once promised to his son(Arta's father who lost during the typhoon) to take care over her grandson.She owe them a vow for the sake of Arta.

"Arta, i'm an old lady.I have nobody neither relatives after your parents death.Your only one who makes me have the strength to live in this world."

"Yes, grandma"."i'll remember that well".

"I know how much you want to go there. But, i'm afraid of any dangerous that may happens to you".
(Arta looked down as if he felt upset about his grandmother thoughts)

"Although i don't really agree to let you go there but you'll do the it someday too.Well, i'm not saying that you're not ready Arta-boy,but you need to prepare yourself completely".
(He walked from there silently after finished drinking his coffee)

"You should get ready now"."or else you'll be late".

(Arta stopped and ran towards his grandma.He hugged her tightly)
"O grandma, i'll remember your advises everyday".

Tomorrow morning....
Arta was escorted by his grandmother to the nearest bus station.Before he left, he make a promise to his grandmother."i'll come back when i get rich.we'll live happily together.i promise".
After several years, Arta managed save money and he opened  his first ever restaurant which have many visitors everyday.He treated everyone very well.Of course, he wanted his restaurant to filled by customer everyday.
Whenever he came back to his home town,his grandmother was the one and only to taste his recipe.He was very happy to live with his grandmother now.Everyday, he always showed the trophy which he got during his previous services in other restaurant.
He always remember what he said to his grandmother on his first visit to his hometown again.
"I really missed you, Grandma. I never thought that living without you is painful like poisoned body".
He's finally know how much the a family means to someone.
After that, He decided to opened his first branches restaurant to his village places.
From that day, he promised to stay with his grandmother until comes to her  last breath. 

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