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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loyal companion

When time split over 2 period a day is a terrible for everyone.The only thing that left inside our head will be sleeping and eating.No doubt,it makes us laziest.Sooner or later, we'll gain 100 pound faster.Let's get started.In your life, there's must be someone or anything that always make us happy.One of it is pet.
well,mine is different.I don't know why but it's the craziest thing that happened to me last week.
Immatured???i don't think so(wandering)
Movie or fabulous called as visual production for entertainment (VPE).
When loneliness starts to take over my life is a time for watching movies.
Basically, seating next to my laptop for movies over two or three hours is beneficial.Why?? There's an advice about which is a sin to kill a mockingbird. I've figured out that the good way to overcome the issues is to stop complaining and start doing something which might bring betterment in regaining a blossom feeling deep inside of our heart.
To be honest, i can spend a whole daytime to watch movies(showoff a bit) which means i will forgot about my  
lunch or dinner(bad habit)..hehee.Btw, if you're interested in doing a movies,please let me know because i can 
bring the brightness of future in your film production(just kidding).
Those are some of the movies that i've watched last week...
Ryan reynolds stars in Green Lantern
Seriously....i'm an old-fasioned guy~~(don't bother).
Thank god, it's successfully recovered me to build my strength to live alone.
So far so good, i'm going towards one and another movies to finished up(smile) but that won't stop me from going to cinema if the time is available.
So...try won't feel bored anymore(not promise).see ya

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