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Thursday, January 12, 2012

lesser than water

hey there,
Today's going just fine.The weather is great(Hot and cold hehee).Btw, i've a lot of question about getting ahead with the budgets phenomena.
For a short while, i'm thinking of cutting over my food expenses but it won't stop me from eating lately(supper).
Maybe, some of us really good at calculating and planning of their expenditure but i'm not the same.As a man, i like to spend my money over new and latest gadget(of course i won't mention about shoes etc).Somehow, i believe a teen share the same interest about getting used to a new or latest gadget, technology and machine.
Well, that's the problem.i can't deny that every time going out with friends(or alone),expenses raising and funds become low.
What's up???i just buy a few things but it costs me a lot.Today, today and today will not promising a cheap sale in market.
Even guys,
A piece of tissues cost about 20$.It doesn't make sense at all.
 This scenario is getting worse.I mean it really,really is going terrible(danger alarmed).
How are we going to survive with a piece of 50$ within a week if this is going to be continued in the future.
Think guys,
50$! what can you buy with 50$...satisfied???
For the richer,they might becomes poor but how about the poor???where would they be....(scratching head,shaking a bit)
This is life.Someone said that everything is about money but money does not have a great power compare back to a few years before.
my stuff...(monthly window-shopping)
So guys,if you want to go buy your stuff with 50$....think again.Cheerio:)

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