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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lost and Found

One day, lost and found moved to a new town where it was different from their old hometown. They went to buy stuffs at the shop nearby. At the payment -counter...
Saler: You're new here, right?
Found: Yeah. we're just moved and arrive here today.
Saler: well, i hope you'll enjoy your life here.
Lost: thanks.btw, i'm lost and he's found.
On the next day, lost went to the jungle that is near to their new home.But, he does not come back until the, Found go to the police station to report the case.
At the police station....
Policeman: May i help you sir?
Found: Oh,you're very kind. i want to make a report about the my lost friends.
Policeman: Well then, let's get back to work.Before that, What is his name?
found: He's lost,sir.
Policeman: oh~~i heard about that. Can you tell me his relative or guardian if he have any??
Found: Well, i do not know about that either.
Policeman: umm...that is very tough. What's is your name again?
Found: i'm found.
policeman:(confused)...and your father??
Found: he's Dead.
Policeman: oh...i'm sorry about your lost.
Found: Huh??
Until now, lost is still lost...Actually,Who's fault?

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