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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher,teacher...what is what???

(In the classroom)
The teacher entered the classroom and all students stand up and greet him
"Good Morning, Teacher!"
Then.....the lesson started.

During the first period of the lessons...
The teacher feel bored because the students do not have any interest into that topic of discussions and he asked the students:
"O class!attention! Lemme asked you one joke.Whoever can answer will win special prizes!"

All claps and applause hardly and strongly.
Well, the story was like this:
"One day, a pig was walking nearby the bank of the wood's river. He picked some soft plants and chewed them hastily. Then, he went to the river and tried to drink some fresh water. As he tried to reach his mouth to the water surfaces, he fell over the river. He shouted and screamed for help. But none walker stood there and  he was hopeless. Down the huge river-rocks besides the waterfall, a crocodile was sleeping furiously.However, he did not get eaten by the crocodile. In the end, he was helped by a few roosters and deer from the Elvenwood to get onto the land."


"Well class! what do you think?Why does the pig was not eaten by the crocodile?"

All students were confused(scratching their head to get the answer)

Then...One student stood up and asked.

"Why, mister??Why the crocodile does not eat the pig???Tell us."

He smiled and said:

"well, it's simple. The crocodile is a  muslim. Islam prohibits their followers to eat and even touch pig. It's a sinful actions."

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