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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tiramisu girl!

Hi there...
this week isn't going on very well as my is quite bored but evening with tiramisu change my moods..regenerates,full charges!
An apple for a day, a topic for a day(laugh awkwardly)
Tiramisu, the world famous cake,cuisine or desert is really meaningful.
chocolate Tiramisu
What about it???
A piece of cake....sold only 4$ per slices.Stop right here.Everyone agreed about having a break time with Kit-Kat and why not Tiramisu.I want to share a short story that only takes five minutes to read...Bear with me(shaking head with eyes open)
One beautiful morning.... 
I saw yesterday how does a woman work hard to sell her cakes.She tried very hard to get many customer as possible to try her cake but it does not going on very well. Yet, i can see a smile right after her oily,tired faces.She could do nothing than to keep on selling the cake to earn money. 
Everyday, she works early than a hawk to rise her fund.That money is not for herself but her three sons that suffered from a mental and physical disabilities.
One day, after going to her workplace, a stranger came to her house and breakdown everything inside the house.Finally, he met with the three innocent children.After struggling from a big fights, the stranger killed them.
After finished selling her cakes,the woman come back and she was really shocked at the condition of her house.Her nerves was rising after looked at her three sons lying deadly on the floor.She started to screamed but no one heard it.Then, she cried and hugged them tightly.
(Reported news)After a month...her body was founded beside the other three corpses.At her hand, the police   
found a piece of paper which was written with a black inks.It said,"Tiramisu (with a recipe included)". From that day,everyone started to make the cake by followed the instruction of the recipe.A decade passed and everybody enjoyed the lovely taste of Tiramisu without realize the secret of the recipe.Tiramisu which was named after the three dead sons,Tira, Mi and Su.        
The end.
So, If you think that a piece of Tiramisu is mean nothing to you,please kindly read this story again:)   

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