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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A secret behind brown eyes

Hey there,
let's talk about brown eyes today,(the secret behind brown eyes).

What it's all about???
never thought the existence of brown eyes huh....(lame conversation).

so, a brown eyes person is similar with an ice-cream(true or.....)
Here's the personalities of brown eyes person:
1. Charming(sometimes when he/she did something that beyond our expectation,it's really funny).

2. Wise(They plan for their expenses especially when it comes to big amount of expenditure).

3. Patience(A person of brown eyes have a good patience in doing their works).

4. Shy(They like to stay in low profile life.Sometimes, they follow their mood to start up conversation with other people).

5. Kind-hearted(Whenever they feel as if other person which does not related to them needs help)

6. Curious(A new things will certainly make them to know more about it).

Hope this help you to know about a person of brown eyes.
Good day:)

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