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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why bothers?!

Hey there,
It's been a while i left this arena and so many things have happened(news reader mah). many things to discuss(confused)
But, i'll talk about the people behavior that always similar to 'BUSY BUDDY'(new terms).

This so called illness that may infected some of those lack love persons seems spread faster than we expected.

there's a cure outside there for this disease(wondering...)

This group of people(labelled for them) may find that cares about the others is a pleasure but too much attention can make someone feel uncomfortable(no private times).

here's some steps to avoid it from getting worse:
1. Sincere (make-up your mind about your condition,if you don't feel comfortable or not).

2. wise(Don't simply dumped them and make them feel inferior).

3.Alternative(keep in contact with them and discuss about the issues).

4.Check whether you have achieve your goal.

Hope it useful for anyone who in depressed(caring bah).
Good day:)

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