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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Korean madness is coming

Hey there
What's up!(awkward)
Today, i want to share a  few information about Holika Holika(cosmetic and facial shop)
For CNblue fans(K-pop fans) or what so ever,this is the time for you to meet and know them(excited...)
Official poster of CNblue

Blackfower(one of their song)

CNBlue interview days

For Sabahan(check this out),it's one and only branches located in Suria to Gaya centre(who cares!..)
Geez...walking from centre point would take only 15+ minutes?? (Believe it or not)
entrance to Holika Holika shop

It's time to change interests.
Some stuff are really great(exaggerating).
Advice to all reader...wear boots or sweater. 
Why not??? As if you're in Korea(just Kidding).
But, you won't regret once you go there(bear with me).
One thing that good about this shop is it doesn't look messy(everything arranged nicely)
Of course you'll find some rarely seen products(Made in Korean bah)
What's about it....
I find a cool stuff like egg mask there(Show off).
They've charcoal type too..
(I'm very sorry,no picture available)
but, it's up in three ways(interesting isn't it!)
Soap,facial massage and mask(3 in 1...)
For guys, you have the chances now.
Even guys stuff is sold.
You can find cosmetic stuffs(lotions,sunblock creams,etc)
one thing that attract my attention is face powder(unique functions bahH)
Really, it's really have unique using styles.hehee
I'm lucky..why??
i've got discount(happy)
never thought of small thing to be sold at cheap prizes right?
Now,it's available in Holika Holika, Suria sabah.
That's all about it...Oops,wait!
you can register as member-shop also(20$ forever users bahH)
So, Grab it now.
Visit Holika Holika.One and Only in Suria Sabah.
Good day,cheerio:)

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