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Friday, January 13, 2012

Three strangers

Some people said that it's very easy to learn other language but this is what happened...(awkward entry huh!)
Uncle Muthu and Maniam opened their shop early dawn(before the first bird catch it's worm hehe)
The shop is located at the junction to 13th street avenue(how do i know~~)
Basically,many tourists came everyday to buy their stuff(even locals came to owe money...)
Maniam is very good at language but Uncle Muthu is not(pretend to know)
One beautiful morning(fair),Uncle Muthu come alone to their shop because Maniam is sick.
He is a quiet person.He got bored easily.
A man(taller than him) enter the shop.
The tourist man said"Yaw,can i have a condom,pakcik?"
(without a long time) Uncle Muthu just straight away trying to understand each words.
 Then he replied"tall punya, sir"
The man wrinkled his fore head"Is there anything such it,huh?"
Uncle Muthu becomes confused.
but...he heard the man said sachit(such it)
"Yeah, such it"
Uncle Muthu bring out the map.
The man cross-x his arm(hands)
Uncle Muthu scratched his bald top head(lost hair during 30's)
Their arguing,screamed and conversation continued for a half an hour(urgh...talkative gang)
After that...
another local man called Soh(a religious teacher) come into the shop.
He was asked by Uncle Muthu to be their Translator which he also don't know.
"May i help you,sir?"asked Soh.
"is there any condom sold here,bro?"replied the man.
Soh responded the same as Uncle Muthu.
Then, the man cross-x his arm(hands) again.
Uncle Muthu and Soh keep talking about it which makes their tones raised all of a sudden....(make the man scared a bit)
He thought they were fighting(talk fights),he tried to be a middle man(make peace between them)
"Cool it,baby, cool it baby"
Then...Soh feel weird.He thought the man asked for"Kulit babi"...
Soh's shocked(stunt)"Hey, we don't sell that thing here lah"he screamed.Still, The man confused.
No ending matched for this story(figure out how it ended and kindly comments here okay)
Source's taken from friends(no plagiarism)
hehee..Good day:)

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