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Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi guys...
Today is a special day.
Why???? It's friday.
So, i'm going to tell you a joke(awhHHh...)
But,firstly....clap your hands,>>FinisheD<<(laughed awkwardly)
This based on a true story(Huh,like i care)
My experience bah...(hehee)
At the mamak cafe(an Indian-muslim restaurant)....
Three of us(my friends and i) was going to ordered foods for dinner(technically speaking...supper)
So, my friends ordered the foods.Basically, we ordered the same because we want to eat the cheapest foods(stingy)
The foods part is done(Relax time)
When it comes to drinks(heartbeat),the waitress asked"what do you want for drinks?"
The two of them requested for Horlicks(wheat or grain based drinks).
My turn(i was Sms's to someone).....then(the shameful moment).
Confidently said...."i want Milo Ping(cold),Panas(hot)".everyone's quiet.The waitress stunt(Confused).
What???...Then i repeated"i want Milo Ping(cold),Panas(hot)".
Milo Ping

Everyone burst laughing at me. I stopped(puzzled).
"Excellent buddy...",they said.
Still, i got confused until six month.This is the day i knew about it.So what???(laughed)
seriously....Milo Ping and Milo Ping Panas(big difference).How come!?
Btw....You know what to do,right??(keep it secret)
Hope you enjoy..C ya

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