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Monday, April 16, 2012

Green plate leaf part 2

The other man said “it’s the best moment in my life”. And he cried. They fished and swam in the lake.
            They caught two boxes of fish. They are fat fish. Indeed, it is a good graded fish in the lake. It is nothing to compare of their tiredness. While waiting for the dark, they set-up a camp and prepared the food.
            They are good, really good at cooking. It makes no taste of the world can beat it. Even the duchess haven’t taste something of it. It treasure the moment for them.
            After sometime, they took out some beans. They laughed and sang. Awful song. Freaking voice. Even the cricket sang politely. It continued to their full of joy.
The moonlight beamed to the darkness. After all, the two friends slept in the camp next to the pine tree.
            A minute after the breakdown, a voice came near to their camp. Terrible. Horror. They shocked. They jumped out from their camp. Only dressed like a barn yard workers, nerves cross-out to their mind. What kind of sound is it? What kind of creature did screamed like that? All are question mark.
            They looked at each other. No sound after that. They felt relief.
“What a shocked! I killed twice. It may happen again.” They both went back to sleep.
The next morning, the two guys woke up lately as the Rooster without the sun. They are really late. They rushed to their bath. Quickly, they packed.
Then, they started to walk. Walked and walked again. At some place, a man requested to rest. He sweated a lot. The sun is at their top. Heat, hot rose.
They walked again. After a while, they saw a foot prints. A really real big foot prints.
“Isn’t it the oak trees??”
Suddenly, they heard a big sound. Terrifying. They just passed by.
“It’s a long way to go, huh”.
“Stop!” The other man exclaimed. “Look there”. The man looked at his friends pointed finger.
It was no fun at all. Their home land is now gone. Workers are here and there busy making their business. Their heart fired. Hot blooded friends felt the madness. Apparently, he saw a green plate leaf on the ground. He keeps it.
            “Lets it go, my friend. We need to go. They have gone”, said the man. The other man still looked at his hut and homeland. What a big surprised for him. Maybe, a bigproject was come into built there. He regretted. He failed. He took the only left pieces of leaf with him.
            “Let’s go”, he said. Then, they started their adventure to nowhere else.      


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