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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hi there,
I’m back. I hope you don’t get bored waiting of me.
The weather is good here. I feel it had been hot for a few days but that’s good than rainy.
Well, I want to share a few things. It is interesting yet confusing.
I’d just watch the supernatural season one to six. It’s quite long night to finish it. But, I’m satisfied.

I bet you know the two young, brave yet main characters in that movie, right? The Winchester, Dean
  Jensen Ackles)

With his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki)

Who knows….one day, they might be a legend for every hero in horror and mystery movies.
I am a great fan of them…why???
I like they way they play their roles. It seems very real to me. I think they have a lot of improvement in their characters since the first season. As for me, it’s more than a film. It’s actually the new lifestyle.
I was touched by what Dean had said “family is not just about the blood ties. You got to earned that”.
Well, I agree to a certain extent that a family member is determining by their blood ties and relationship. However, what is the meaning of a family if we do not contribute to anything. Life would be pointless and useless. A family is a big institution which required a great participation. Well, I believe that it has nothing to do with a competition but at least everyone should understand the terms of family as well. Or else…we will ended-up like what Sam said “Don’t know, don’t care”. I believe no one want that to happen in their family, right?
So, think about it wisely. Open your heart and let it come to you naturally. Don’t let your emotion caught you in the dark.    
Think about four years time...I believe that no more horror movie can beat them. ‘Supernatural’ is a great project. I was very well film publishing product. On behalf of the millions of their fans…I say ‘Well done guys! Keep it up’.  
Besides that, they possessed a big gap between the reality and fantasy. Well, I believe that other blogger had said a different about reality and fantasy.
This sounds awkwardly but reality exists as well as fantasy. I do believe in that. Don’t cha???
Let’s take a look at one example,
In our daily routine, we eat, run, breath and etc. Plus, we cannot deny that we need a good rest or sleep. So, sleep definitely comes after dreams. Isn’t dreams is about fantasy?? Well, show mercy on what god created.
There’s no loss to start believe it. I’m sure sometimes we feel scared about it because no one ever survives in it. But, believe me. As long as you feel happy about your dreams (fantasy), it is good for you. Don’t bother about other impressions…you are what you are…don’t dream like it is over if someone does not like what you have. Be appreciative but not agony.
Live like normal….have a nice day

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