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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walking in a distance??? season 2

Hi guys...we meet again. i feel horrible today. It is very hard.
When there is misunderstanding that lead me to a self-conflict. It makes me feel empty as i could feel the hatred from my best friend, the feeling of loneliness. 
i want to tell you something that more interesting!

Guess what???
Unlike the first story that i have told you...walking in a distance now is about something that more realistic....Geezzzz
i should remain quiet but it had really trigger my passion to write about the sequel of the tragic night on 29 of July 2011.
Prepare to be mesmerize! 

So...where should i start? Uhmm...i think it would be easy for you guys to understand it if you know the setting,right?

My!i've being so naive
Well,it was happenened near to the Boo Radley houses which along the way to Foh sang.

Obviously, no one was walking by foot except us. The only thing that make the road there look quite busy is the cars from the town.
There were five of us that night.
So, it makes sense that the five of us have the privilege to win in a fight. However, the opposite thing was happened. It was a tragedy nor it is not very amazing like Macbeth yet, it still based on my experience,real thing bahh!
So, as we were on our way to Foh Sang, we were block by two strangers. That was really caught my attention for minutes i was thinking who's them? and i feel reallly bad about it....really, i have a bad feeling about that night.

One thing that i realize is both of them are about the same age with us. So, it means that they are students from other institute or colleges but they look much desperate because the way he pull out his knife, i could know it.

So,......when he shout and yell and me to stop.....i refuse to do so...
So funny guys!really!
uhm.....he said just like this :"Hey,stop right there.i mean it(pull out his short knife)"...
Well, you must wonder what i have did after that right?
Am i got a big fight with them?
Who's won the fight?

So,this is it!the moment of truth!the part of being embarrassing!
Dude, i do not know what you would do if you were in my place but this is how it's happened...
I keep on walking until i reach to the where my friend standing at.
When i get there....i feel happy
However...there was five of us!and, one had missing!O my God...that's is what come out from my mouth on that time...
Unfortunately, we could not go near him because they surround him.
Plus, they got weapon(knife and sharp metal).
So, we decided to stop a car but we were failed. As we feel very worried about friend tend to go in the middle of the road and stop a lorry. Then....
We explained to them about it and they help us by honked the stranger over again....
So, the two losers then ran away right after they knew it. So, my friend who was the victim run toward us.
We really angry about it....Why?He might get killed that night just because he was stuck and stopped by two losers that night....
He should just keep on walking and ignore those cows. At the same time, he should learn to move his muscle if he confront something like this so that he won't get killed.i really mean it!

At first, i thought that we were safe already but i was wrong.
I do not know who was wrong here but i think it clearly show guys that you should build your self-confident and courage to confront the situation like this someday....
Therefore, i hope you guys will take good lesson from my story.....owkey!
Keep your distance while walking somewhere, whenever to avoid from things like this to happened...
But,do not get will be safe as long as you move in a group and act wisely!
See Yaw!  

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