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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Walking in a distance???

So...i think you will questioning that eventually why am i state about walking in a distance or what it is about anyway,right?
I guest this is the best way for me to start a new pages in my blogs.It is just a propaganda yet it is meaningful but it is not exactly a gimmick.
so, do not take serious on it.
Before is a pleasant surprise to meet you guys again.

ladies and gentleman....
honestly speaking i just got an inspirational and spirit to tell you one interesting story that happened during the 29 of July 2011. So, seat tight and enjoy your popcorn while reading the whole story.
There's one is based on the true story.So, don't tell anyone about it.Well, unlike E!true story, mine are more full of realistic and crystal clear...Geezzz 
entrance to KDCA

It was a silent and warm night when we passing through the way to Foh Sang. My friends and i make our way to Foh sang after finished playing the Tagada and Space Gun at the funfair that was allocated in front of the KDCA.

Well, i was very excited and happy because it was my first time to take ride on the Space Gun which i think might be very dangerous and no interest at all.But, that is not the important thing because there are some event that you guys need to know. i want you to tell you something that is really memorable that night. At one station called Tagada, we have a funniest and enjoyable moment in there because i cannot stop laughing all the time.For us...playing for a second round is not a big deal.However, one big,i mean very big boy steps and run to the middle seat which about a meters from us.Seriously!And i cannot believe that we were about to spinning around in it with him.Unfortunately, my friend realize that there was something wrong with that boy. That boy started to shout when the 'machine' spinning at it's greatest speed. so, my friend keep on told me that something wrong about the boy but i cannot focuses to what he was about to tell me exactly. All of a sudden.....
(This sentence is redirecting copied)
1."Gosh...My,the boy is about to vomit!!"
2."Look!That boy is fainting already!"
3."Oh my God!That boy is dying".

Then...the game was stopped without any notices.I was dragged a little towards my friend because the forces of the machine is extremely strong.Suddenly,a few guys quickly get inside it and help the boy to move his muscle and walk. Me and my friend just seat still and doing nothing. we were shocked.I was froze by incident that just happened. I felt pity for him. At the same time, i thought that it was his fault actually.Despite of making himself fooled in front of strangers, he had suffered a tragedy which is a traumatic and unforgettable.
Well, it make sense what....
 So....Please,guys be careful when you want to play something extraordinary.Well, do not get yourself killed.Gotcha!
By the way.....walking in a distance is about.......i forgot already~~
but i promise that you will get through the whole story clearly next time.....
Don't go anyway!

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