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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eulogy for my sister

I want to thank my late sister's friend for your help and everything during her life. So, I feel sad every time I think of her. I miss her so much. I called her as 'Pam' as we are very close and it is different now. I cannot call her anymore and even hear her voice again. Before the crash, Pam always wants me go to Labuan to visit her. However, I keep on delaying and cancel my trip because of work and other nonsense. I feel regret for not fulfill her wish. Moreover, I always went back to my hometown with her but that changed since 08.03.2011. And I do not know how I keep going to my hometown without her together there. I will miss her very much.
I found that it is really pain and hurt me to lose her. For the past 22 years, she never asks for more than what she got and that is what I really solute her.
She was a hardworking person. She never liked to complain and reject for others requests. On the other hand, she always behaves in good manners because she does not want to have anyone’s attention focused on him. She never tired of failure in her exams. After all, she did very well in whatever activities or events that she participated.  
I still cannot believe that somebody who had a wonderful character as her can be gone now. Overall, my family and I still hard to believe that she have already gone. In so many ways, Pam was immortal to me. When I think of her, I always think of infinite existence. Somehow, I cry. She was so intelligent, brilliant and so cheerful person. She did not need fame or style to ensure other recognize her because she just knew.
For those of you who have been to the house, you know what I mean. When she has free time, she always talked with us. She’s a good listener.
She never suffered of hunger. That is what I liked about her. She ate and do not care about her weight. Usually only eating she have the glitter of happiness in her eyes. She was a good cook. I remember when we cook spaghetti and we eat it roughly. That I would not forgot for the rest of my life.
Again, when she entered university is the big moment for us. Since she was the first person in our family who manage to continued study there, we celebrated it in big occasions. And of course in following years, she had a computer equipment and work everywhere with them. She is really good at playing a computer game. She teaches me anything about computer’s software and how to use them correctly. And so it went with Pam. She was just a brilliant, quite genius and who could do anything that she chose.
Yet she was also there for her friends. I know there were so many times when each one of you found solace in Pam’s advice or friendship or warm gentle ways. And she was the kind of person who did not force her ideas or thoughts on you. She just listened and made her own comment about the situation. If you chose to do something about it, that was up to you.
The house was empty now. I feel really lonely as I become close to her in our early adult ages. I will do my best to carry on my life with her besides me every day. Honor and love her too, I will never forget.
When I think about Pam, think still of immortality and infinity because to me, even though she died at the age 22, she is definitely immortal. Love, touch and alive is always be with us.

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