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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Accidently true??Making love...

(The story contents is not related to anyone's life)

Three sister was on their way to the church. While turn over the sharp hill's corner, the sister saw a cat and she tried to pull the brake and avoid from crush the cat. 

However, she failed and they fell into the deep down ground of the hill near the crest. It was raining that day. So, nobody really saw and realize what was happening. 

On the other day, a few policeman come to the scene and investigate the death of the three Sister.

The first one was reported still hold on her phone. Perhaps she was on the phone during that time.

Then, the second one was holding her bible. They manage to play over the tape that she had recorded before the incident.

The last one was founded with a big smile. They wonder why that's happening. So, they've checked and investigate on her. Lately, they found that she was seating on the handbrake.

On the trial, a policeman reported and it sounds like this:
"on the 17th of July 2012, three sisters was founded dead during on 75km to the Saint Micheal's church.
The first one was found not guilty with her handphone.
The next one was found not guilty with the bible.
and the last one.....(errr) she was founded guilty on crime with the handbrake."

Then, all the adjudicators started to talk to one and another.
(Gotcha' you freak!)

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