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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A serious question??Jokes, funny and laughter

This is how the story goes.....
(When a child asked his/her mother)
"mom, does Humpty-Dumpty mother is a fat big chicken??"

"How mama duck know which one her daughter and son???" 

Even a professor would laugh when heard this statements(i bet you will, don't cha)
Wohoo...that's what it called a fresh minded person.

If you feel like you want to do a serious better start to think like a children. Meaning to say, what the children are thought are more likely innocence and indoctrinated.

The feeling of curiosity and excited to learn something new are the treasure essence for every children.
(They do not mind if they are wrong because the only way to learn something new is by doing a mistake)

If you are thinking of every perfect words to come in your mind then it would be burden later on. Or else, you might ended-up to live in perfections. 

So, try it out now! make jokes and laught, laugh and more laughter:)

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